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When I bred my first Golden Retriever in 1980, little did I know the path it would take me down.  Along the way, I've made lifelong friends and shared in the many wonderful achievements my puppies and their owners have attained through competition at conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, and rally events.  I'm also indebted to the many wonderful families who wanted "just a pet" and have returned for their second or even third pet Golden from me. 



    KARAMOR'S TITLED GOLDENS (1976 - 2010)

    Links on the following Goldens will direct you to Golden Retriever pedigree database
The following lists identify some of the Goldens I've either bred, owned, or co-owned over the last 30-plus years.
Dogs' names highlighted in blue have their own webpage.  Click on blue cell for more info.




With special thanks to my dear friend, Robin Dalton, Springcreek Goldens.

It is an honor to be listed as the co-breeder (aka "Grandma") on the following beautiful and talented Goldens produced by her special girl, "Peach" (Karamor's High Reach Peach OD)



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