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Rainboend Gingerbread Girl CD Outstanding Dam

    Karamor Goldens  had its beginnings in 1976 when I purchased my first Golden Retriever puppy, "Ginger" (Rainboend Gingerbread Girl CD, OD), from Mary Schaub of Rainboend Goldens.  Mary was a great mentor who encouraged her puppy buyers to participate with their Goldens in all fields of endeavor, and to join in the activities of the recently established Golden Retriever Club of Greater St. Louis.  I thought at the time that I was just purchasing a nice, family pet but as time went on, I was drawn into showing in conformation and obedience and, ultimately, the breeding of these wonderful dogs.  My kennel name, Karamor, is a derivative of "Kar" for Karen and "amor" [from Latin amor love] or Karen's love.

Ginger's first two litters were sired by "Matty" (Ch. Reddigold's Dipolmat CD, OS)  and produced Ch Karamor's Cody CD TD WC VC, Ch Karamor's Cimarron Rose OD, Ch Karamor's Lad Cory CD, and Karamor All Aglow among others.  The photo logo shown on my website's cover page and on the banner heading above, feature two 10-week old puppies from this first litter--Ch. Karamor's Cody CD TD WC VC (lying down) and Karamors Melody in Gold Major (sitting).  A photo of Melody from this photo session was featured on the Purina Puppy Chow bag in the 1980's, along with three other puppies.

Ch Karamor's Cody CD TD
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Ch Karamor's Cimarron Rose
Outstanding Dam

Ch Karamor's Lad Cory CD
Karamor All Aglow (ptd)






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